Rarity and Scoring - Mara

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About Mara's rarity

All Mara belong to a certain class, there are 6 types total: Duvali Mara, Duvali Nono, Duvali Alee, Abali Mara, Iguela de Wara and Mara Anyan. All of the classes have different minimum and maximum values for their non-visual attributes, in addition, the male and female version of each class have slightly different limits aswell. If you look at the Attribute card, you'll see there is bar for every attribute. All of them have a value of the attribute written to the rightmost side.
The grey area of the bar represents the values which are out-of-limits for the subclass of the Bura you are looking at. The red bar represents the values that are higher than your current attribute value and are still within the subclass limits. Lastly, the rightmost point of the green bar is where your current attribute value stands, the rest of the green bar represents values lower values but still sitting within the subclass limits.

Tier coloring:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


  • Intelligence61
  • Resilience35
  • Wisdom82
  • Diffusion66
  • Instinct96
  • Curiosity23
Duvali Mara