Rarity and Scoring

Rarity in Gyris is interpreted slightly differently, rather than judging value of the NFT purely by multiplying the roll chances for it's attributes, we decided to split the scoring in two: visual score and a non-visual ( a.k.a Base rating ) scores. By combining the two scores one would get a value for relative comparison of two unique NFTs ( from the same collection ).

Visual scoring

Instead of giving each trait a visual score based on it’s chance for rolling, we assigned each trait to a Rarity Tier. The tiers and their naming will be familiar to anyone who has played RPG games: Common, Uncommon , Rare , Epic , Legendary and Divine. Each tier is given score/value points and the final visual score is the sum of all tiers of the existing traits. You can see the detailed scoring and tier of each trait here.

Non-visual scoring ( Base rating )

Here the score calculation is based on how close all the non-visual attributes are to the ceiling of their subclass limits. Each non-visual attribute is generated with a gamma function ( reference ) and the floor and upper limits are custom made for the different subclasses of the collection.

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