A Manifesto

Disclaimer: The Manifesto is currently outdated and is undergoing an update. You can still view the V1 of the Manifesto below but expect parts of it to change entirely. You can also view the latest pitch deck here if desired.


Gyris is more than an NFT project. What lies before you, an outline of perhaps the most ambitious experiment in collaborative creativity the world has ever seen. Gyris is ‘the first world of an endless gyre’; a multiverse that knows no bounds. If we are to agree that virtual worlds will become so real, they cannot be divorced from our own, we must also admit the possibility that our own world is itself a grand creation. Every reality conceived now and forever bound by one beautiful idea; that our imagination is God, and collectively, everything is possible.

Gyris uniquely marries a deep narrative and world-class art with decentralized finance, governance and gaming. Gyris is trademarked and owned by Studio Gyris, under a registered Australian Company (Guerilla Development). Our team believes that to truly give community assurances that our plans will be realized, we need to display the highest order of transparency and legitimacy. This Litepaper Manifesto is a representation of early-stage costing and modeling that uses a minimum expected $USD take from the Genesis drop. Given the volatility of our market this is subject to change however we believe this is the best way to communicate intended action. In the case of slow sales, the founding team has committed to delivering upon the majority of what is laid out with their own funding but the metaverse and gaming play, that would require numerous additional hires might not be attainable in a reasonable timeframe. This is however a vision of what we can achieve together.



Gyris is a three-part epic beginning with ‘The Sound of Trees Standing ‘.

As the gluttonous Minjierri slaughter the creatures of Gyris, the brave Bura come to their aid. While this great war ensues a reluctant hero rises. Aggy succumbs to the call of the Duali, the ancient tradition where Bura youth take a perilous quest in search of their fated ‘Dua’. These weapons are said to be divined by the gods themselves. But darkness seeks flesh beyond the battlefield and evil takes root in his dreams. If Aggy is to become the future of his people he must learn; that no one alone can fight the dark.

Gyris: A Preamblic History (Prologue)

In the beginning times, Minjierri, Dharwar and Bura, a common line. Thought born of beasts, themselves formed through endless generations of change. They reach back to a great divide; a single spark of life, said made by the raining blood of the unseen Gods. Divided in two, all in part, eternal.

The Crucible of life in Gyris was thought to be where the city of Porth now stands. The people of Porth, a coastal town, would marvel at the raging sea, and in the distance Alu Igwe, a mountain that shot up to the heavens. Some were drawn to it as a spiritual home; others sought the riches evident in the cracked earth; seams of coal and ore. As factions grew and tension mounted those that would protect Alu Igwe from plunder would later become the Dharwar. Those that would become the Minjierriwandered until they found Alu Igwe’s equal, Maka di Madu. They dug deep below the surface and over time the great mountain would diminish in size, no longer touching the heavens. The pillage of the surrounding lands resulted in the creation of a great desert. The Minjierri would move further and further underground.

The Bura did not worship the sky, nor the underground. They would wander forever further into the reaches of Gyris, populating the remote and mountainous regions.

From one tribe they became three, and from the three came many, spreading across Gyris. Eon after eon their features grew more dissimilar, easily distinguishable by the age in which we find our story. Though many of the Dharwar are farmers and masons, power now resides in the capital with the Cardigaristoi, a class of landowners that had replaced a previous feudal system. The Gharamur (Dharwar Shamans) maintain a connection to animals and the Earth that their brethren have all but forgotten.

The Minjierri King Alavard, a loathsome glutton, grows tired of soil-ridden algae and scarce meat found at the mouths of his mines. Sending his soldiers out to fetch him the finest backstraps of the beasts that roam the borders of the world above, he begins to take far more than the little the world would tolerate. The beasts his soldiers left slain grow ever weary of the Minjierri, and slowly the beast clans began forming an alliance with the Dharwar brokered by the Gharamur Djalu.

If not for the birds the Bura of Duara may have never entered the Great War. But then… we wouldn’t have our story.

Peoples, Races and Creatures of Gyris

Gyris is coloured as richly as Earth with variation and difference. The Genesis drop will reveal four Genus of Gyris, the Peoples of the Bura, the Minjierri, Dharwar and the Mara.

The Bura

Bura are a large beast-like species with considerable racial diversity as indicated by skin and hair colour. The Bura live largely remote and cut off from much of Gyris. Inspired by North Western Australia and Papua New Guinean geography we find dense forest, high mountains, deep cuts and valleys. Thunderous rivers but also endless branches of creek forks cutting lines in the mountainside. Families carve, paths into the earthen clay and form walkways from their hut to the waterways to wash and bath and fish.

By day the Bura children play in the rock slides and rope swings. When they are old enough, they will spend their day looking for their Tua Tree. By night the Bura seek refuge in the citadels of the forest as the power of the Tua Tree wards off the creatures of the Dark (The Ochichurri). Though they vary in size the smallest adult Bura would reach 5 feet and the largest 8 feet. Each region each have their own ceremonial dress commonly worn by their classes and style of war paint for their warriors along with their social and cultural practices.

Bura Classes

Like with all beings, the Bura are not defined by one class but often find themselves with a predilection for a way of life or skillset that allows them greater success in a field.

  • Bu-Raa-Oo (Warrior): Forged when they can wield a Tua that makes itself known to them. Commonly seen in battle drenched in blood and war paint.
  • Bu-Raa-Eh (Healer): Tend to have a greater affinity for other creatures and the ways of the forest. They say they can speak to the Mara while others see them like fairies, discounted as more myth or symbol of the power of Gumurri. They are apt at finding the herbs necessary to heal the sick and to those more powerful, that connect to The Seed. They wield the Tua Staff.
  • Bu-Raa-Murri (Hunter): ‘ Murri’ refers to the endless cycle of life. Bu-Raa-Murri tend to have a greater affinity for the many races of beast and the ways of the forest. They are expert hunters. They wield the Tua Spear
  • Bu-Raa-See (Makers): The makers are adept at building all sorts of contraptions using natural materials. The most proficient makers tend to be from the Northlands where many Bura have Red rusty fur. They are engineers, builders, inventors of the natural form. The wield the Tua Hammer.
  • Garun (The Forest Lost): The Garun are mysterious Bura. When a Bura goes missing in the day they are thought to be dead or lost in the forest. If lucky enough to have found a Tua Tree, large enough to keep them safe from the Ochichurri, they stay in that tree making it their home. In these treehouses the Garun are known to grow quite insane and Bura children told to avoid if ever they come across one. Some Garun however have managed to make small strongholds deep into the mountains through the happenstance of two finding themselves close enough to offer greater protection. The Forest Lost have their own language independently formed from hearing the whispers of the wild. The Garun commonly have messy of patchy hair like mangy animals and are talked about in stories as having green hair like moss.
  • Chiefs and Master Chiefs: The Bura most often govern by a council of Chiefs (containing a Buraman and Burameri representative ofeach class) each of the major strongholds also names a Master Chief. They hold the deciding vote if one is necessary. They are not chose from any particular class rather for their ability to lead.

The Dharwar

The Dharwar traditionally lived in grasslands and by the sea. They lived harmoniously with beast, only taking as much as was needed and as little to sustain the ecosystems from which they plucked but over time the Dharwar have evolved. Without the need for excessive physical labour, instead leaning on technology and innovation to enhance productivity, they only bear some resemblance to the Bura. Certainly not built for war, slenderer in face and build, bones moulded to suit their conditions. The Dharwar represent the old and the new in Gyris. Those who are connected to the seed and those who seek to quiet its voice under roads paved.

Dharwar Classes

  • The Rash (Soldiers and Workers): The Dharwar rely more on weaponry and technology than brute strength. The Rash is where the Dharwar commonly place their intellectually challenged or poor. With only a small standing army, those who would work fields and construction would be conscripted into the army when deemed appropriate.
  • The Gharamur (Shamans): A dying breed, once deeply respected now seen more like the bearers of witchcraft. The Gharamur lived largely hermetic lives, herding the grazing beasts and living on the plains. Over time the Gharamur had become so trusted that they had lived peacefully amongst the Bura, beasts and creatures of Gyris.
  • The Vard (Masons and Architects): They are the most technical above ground builders in Gyris, able to erect grand scultures and structures. They make up are the Dharwar’s middle class.
  • The Arthoulem (Religious Order): The Arthoulem began as a counter to the largely unstructured teachings of the Gharamur. Their rise to power was in many ways in tandem with theCardigaristoi. They seek to spread the word of Raányana, as told by the Dairrk um Burratu (Prophets of the Order).
  • The Cardagaristoi: The Dharwar replaced their feudal system with an aristocracy. Ruling families were known as part of the Cardagarastoi class and control much of the land of the Dharwar.

The Mara

A mysterious Genus often taking form of funghi, plants or in the skins of small animals, insects and rodents. You will find their homes in trees and logs, made from parts of earth or sheltered under forest growth. The Mara have always been called to plant the Tua Tree atop stones Gumurri pushes through the earth. When the Mara witness the stones arise, they make gardens on top, regardless of its size, and plant the Duwa seed. Although small, their place in our saga could not be more important. They can transport themselves effectively via the mycelium network but this isn’t necessary given they connect to a hive mind. They can therefore just speak across it to another Mara anywhere the network reaches. In times where they must move another being (non-Mara) they may use the network as transportation.

Mara Classes

  • Abali Mara (Eyes of the Night): They keep watch over the forest in the night. The Abali Mara came to be when the Tua Stones began to rise at night and darkness. This is the time in history when creatures of the dark began to rise.
  • Duvali Mara (To Dance in Daylight): They make the gardens atop the Tua Stones in the day.
  • Iguela de Wara: Mara of the water
  • Mara Anya: Mara that exist between this world and the next
  • The birds...

The Minjierri:

The Minjierri occupy the underground. It is common to think of Peoples of the underground as dwarf-like, rotund and robust, but escaping the sun doesn’t do wonders for the health. The Minjierri stand between three and six-foot-tall. The harsh underground and lack of sunshine and appropriate diet mean the large majority of the Minjierri display signs of malnutrition and stunting. Their cities and strongholds are based strategically under mountains rich with resources, largely but not completely interlinked by mined arteries. They are thought to avoid the lands of the Bura given their hostility and proficiency for guerilla warfare. Whilst Mhorindoo is a stark example of the worst of the Minjierri, smaller tribes have been known to spend more time above ground, even living amongst the Bura and other species. These outposts tend to sever ties with any major arterial mines.

Minjierri Classes

  • Jierri-Kin (Royal Blood): A lineage that traced back beyond memory and known for their interbreeding, their rotting teeth often replaced with gold and jewels.
  • Parvos (Soldiers): Often blessed with the favour of the King, the King’s Army spent more time than any other class above ground. This left them with more colour in their skin, sharp intelligence and a dangerous knowledge of the world beyond the underground. They were also the most frequent to defect from Minjierri society.
  • The Druge (Miners): Family lines of miners, lost some, if not all of their sight. Despite this, the physical labour made them strong and lean.
  • Banished Infinitum: ‘Sentenced the fall’ for the most heinous of crimes, these poor souls were dropped down deep fissures in the earth’s core.

Genesis NFT Features

Each of the 10940 individual mints will produce an NFT with between 8-13 traits, randomly generated from approximately 7500 traits making our collection one of the most varied collections anywhere. While there will be equal numbers of Bura, Minjierri, Mara and Dharwar the variation within each Genus will be immense, each provably unique. The team has conceptualized future airdrops so as to be truly complimentary and aligned with storyline.

Future expected utility for holders includes naming, map coordinates and backstory for their avatar alongside a myriad of interactions through defi and gaming revealed herein. Expected additional airdrops will be related to user-interaction with story, rewarding those who engage with immortality within story and lore.




DROP 1 – 11 March 2022

“The Bura born to Kiera, in the Mountains High”

DROP 2 – Holders Decide Drop Date

“The Mara’s veins they reach beyond the Darkness of the Night”

DROP 3 – Holders Decide Drop Date

“The Minjierri born in Earth, under Mountain’s Feet”

DROP 4 – Holders Decide Drop Date

“The Dharwar born to Porth, by the Raging Sea”
The Fourth of Four Genesis Genera: Only 2735 Dharwar produced from 150+ traits enter Gyris.

ROADMAP (STAGE 2) – The Bigger Picture   2022 and Beyond

Gyris is the first world of an endless gyre. It is but one of the infinite worlds that our community will birth through this ambitious experiment in collaborative creativity. Community will interpret our narrative and contribute their ideas for this universe, but also those beyond. Engagement via contribution to the collective consciousness is valued above all else. We are for artists and the dreamers.


  • The Creative team will episodically release ‘Gyris: The Sound of Trees Standing’: story and artwork revealing the entirety of part 1 across 2022.
  • Naming and backstory function for your avatars enabled.
  • All holders receive a free ‘Genesis Beast Airdrop’.
  • High quality treatment or ‘pitch deck’ created from screenplay, wide array of environment and character assets sent to studios and streaming services


  • Community Treasury will be allotted 7.5% and community art contest with winners offered opportunities as ‘Official Gyris Artists’.
  • Artist Marketplace: Not only is this a place for artists to be showcased to the community but the team will be allocating funds to purchase the rights to utilise the artist creations in the creative elements of the project. We want your voice! Battle scenes, maps, character derivatives, voice overs for film and games, and through our DAO, for the direction of the multiverse itself!
  • More ‘Official Gyris Artist’ winners announced.
  • Gyris DAO ‘Gumurri’ Initiated: We expect the process of transferring the leadership over the Gyris multi-verse to the community to begin with informal community participation in allocating treasury funds.
  • Gyris Dao Launchpad (Ongoing): Each new ‘universe’ or ‘reality’ will have its own relationship with its relevant community, DAO and intellectual property. Members of this community can put forward proposals consisting of a creative thesis and go to market strategy, for story forks and new projects that become part of the overarching Multiverse.


  • First Gyris environment completed
  • Tribes/Guilds/community mechanics will be released. Unless you want to be left alone...you better choose your people.
  • First Gyris minigames due Q4, 2022 with rewards in $GYRIS and exclusive NFTs
  • Game and metaverse beta expected in Q1 2023 with development taking 24 months in total to develop an MVP that we think can drive serious investment to build the bigger vision.


  • Snapshot for $GYRIS token initial airdrop and $GYRIS ecosystem token airdropped: Full tokenomics made available to community prior to initial circulati
  • NFT and $GYRIS staking enabled for $GYRIS rewards and exclusive NFT/gaming upgrades and rewards

A World of our Making

Our Genesis Drop aims to give life to the story of Gyris. Two separate but complimentary creative projects are within our roadmap with continuous interaction with community through our collaborative approach.

Film, Gaming, Metaverse….isn’t that a little ambitious?

We hear this a lot, and in any other time in history you might say that our ambition would be our downfall. However, in this time, ‘our time’ we find a unique confluence of technology and culture. We are commencing our build on Unreal Engine 5 and this amazing technology is being used more and more by the very best filmmakers and game developers. This means that when we are building our environments and playable characters in UE5 they are useable for our efforts in both game and film. So where some people see a split in the investment and energy of the team, we see a doubling of investment opportunity from two separate sectors.

Gyris: The Sound of Trees Standing (Screenplay)

There has never been a better time for volume of Television and Film Production and let’s be honest….a lot of garbage is getting made. We want to step well above that bar and produce the best pilot or ‘treatment’ our funding will allow. Established production houses fight for development funds for far less that what our sales will provide. This places us in an amazing position to pitch our ideas to studios and streaming services. Our writers have storyline for a minimum three films or seasons with a screenplay already complete. The screenplay will be released episodically, timed with airdrops in the months post-launch. Taking the storyline as inspiration our community will be invited to become ‘Official Gyris Artists’ and join our artists in developing the environments, characters and concept art. We will build the universe together and this will form part of the appeal to investors.

Gyris Metaverse and Game

Genesis Holders will be our Gyris Metaverse Pioneers, dropped into the dawn of creation and given the rights to find their own corner of land to stake claim upon, terraform, build, create a community, and raise a family. Only Genesis Holders will become the First Peoples of their lands. All others will pay for the right to own. Imagine an opportunity to evolve the world of Gyris together with your community. A world where you don’t pay to play, but as was true in all emerging civilisations, you work to earn. In the Gyris game this will not only come in the form of ‘play-to-earn’ mechanics but uniquely through a ‘create-to-earn’ philosophy.

Working together with the Gyris Gaming Division and the Creative Team, community artists will be engaged to display their art and depiction of Gyris in the ecosystem marketplace. If selected as ‘Official Gyris Game Assets’, the artist will take the lion’s share of the $GYRIS paid for its use in game. This serves the project and the artist. Non-artists can still contribute. Terraforming parts of Gyris will be tough and utilising the materials around you, you will be free to build your own patch in themetaverse. Any quality game is a multi-year project. We are here for the long haul. For more information.

Collaborate, Create, Explore!

Gyris will develop an ecosystem marketplace for community members to display their Gyris fan art. Not only is this a place for artists to be showcased to the community but the team will be allocating funds to purchase the rights to utilise the artist creations in the creative elements of the project listed below. Artists would maintain complete rights to negotiate their terms in keeping with our philosophy of cultivated creativity. We want your voice! Battle scenes, maps, character derivatives, voice overs for film and games, and through our DAO (read on), the direction of the multiverse itself! Together we will grow Gyris and give birth to new worlds.

Licensing, Intellectual Property

Each owner holds perpetual licensing and over their avatar, though intellectual property rights over the story elements of the world are retained by Studio Gyris. IP is challenging because giving complete access to IP in a narrative-driven project would expose our community to theft by financial interests looking to capitalise on the richness of that narrative. We seek to drive and reward creativity from within the community and reward those who create as well as those who recognise and support great art and projects. Your art will remain yours until you sell it to someone else at which time your relationship with your own IP is yours to decide.

A Unique Financial and Utility Model

This project will structure financing and secondary sales commissions, to incentivize ongoing commitment and enhance sustainability of the project.

Gyris Genesis Drop: Initial Distribution of Funds

Our founders only take their cut via salary for ongoing work, transparently, through a registered company, with financials shown to community each year.

Studio Gyris (85%): Operational budget to deliver the film and gaming associated with the project. Paid to a registered Australian business who will deliver yearly audited financials for the community. Writers, artists, dev team will at this stage take a salary and financing will be repaid.

Treasury and DAO (7.5%): Used to fund community art competitions, set up the DAO, the $GYRIS token and liquidity pair.

Charity partner (7.5%): Registered Papua New Guinean organisation Equal Playing Field will receive 7.5% of every sale. Our community supporting communities.

Secondary Sale Commission Distribution

Our view is that secondary sales should recognize ongoing commitments to the project. It is for this reason that the teams’ secondary commission will be held in the studio accounts and periodically released as both wages and dividends according to the success of the project. This removes the possibility of revenue share manipulation, where not all early members continue to push the project but still maintain revenue. For example, if a team member wants to move off the project to work on other things, the work of that team member would need to be funded largely from the revenue share by which they attract. This arrangement is true for all teammembers with revenue share.

The project has attached an 6% secondary commission set out as the following;

Studio Gyris (80%) will receive 4.8% of every sale. This will encompass secondary for team who will derive salaries and dividend for ongoing work rather than ongoing commission if they choose to leave the team.

Treasury/DAO (10%) will receive 0.6% of every sale

Charity partner (10%) will receive 0.6% of every sale

*assets sold on marketplaces incur an additional 2.5-3% fee not payable to Gyris but when the Gyris marketplace is active the default fee will be 0% but the DAO may choose to apply a small fee to go straight to treasury. Team will take no additional fees from internal marketplace

Revenue Share

The Gyris team will give back 50% of their profit generated from film, animations or the gamification of Gyris: The Sound of Trees Standing. The remaining 50% will be reinvested into the development of Studio Gyris for the betterment of the multiverse. After the end of the Australian financial year (June 30th), Guerilla Development Pty Ltd will present financials to the DAO along with a proposal for how we seek to reinvest those funds. The DAO will choose whether to accept the proposal or have the funds returned to them for their management.

$GYRIS Token

The $GYRIS token will be utilised within the Gyris ecosystem but will also feature as the base currency of the Gyris Multiverse. $GYRIS will have fit- for-purpose tokenomics where inflation will only occur when triggered by the formation of additional projects and universal DAO’s under the Gyris DAO (Gumurri) Network.

$GYRIS Token Distribution

$GYRIS is not a passive income play. Distribution of supply occurs through a holders community interactions. It has a floating supply cap, paralleling the distribution of NFT’s minted and owned by the multiverse community. Supply grows again when a new universe onboards new NFT owners, each holder can access episodic ecosystem rewards over the course of 24 months with a total circulating supply cap of 9,227,465 per Universe or DAO-approved project. 35% of each unlock will be available to holders, 30% for additional in-game rewards, 20% will go towards incentivizing liquidity providers and a further 15% will go to the DAO Treasury.

There is no pre-mined supply, no allocation for team other than relative to their NFT holdings and new supply is relative to the amount of token holders onboarded by new universes being born.

$GYRIS Token Utility

Early utility will be for use in the Gyris marketplace. This marketplace will allow community members to buy and sell items depicting the universes and storylines of our multiverse using their $GYRIS. As new projects emerge their communities will also have access to these marketplaces. The $GYRIS token will also be used as the in-game currency.

It is the team’s expectation that the Treasury tokens could be utilized for rewards in future gaming projects where $GYRIS can be utilized both to buy in-game assets and as play-to-earn mechanism but this would come at the discretion of the DAO and the community with choices including but not limited to, increasing incentivization structure for staking and LP, burning tokens and commissioning/buying community art.


Staking will be used as unique blend of story-telling and economics. When preparing for battle, Gyris might call upon the troops to lock themselves into service to the Seed Gumurri, to fight against the dark, and to be rewarded with $GYRIS or airdrops.


Gyris Part II and Part III will grow the franchise and afford all genesis holders early access to the new projects. This means guaranteed presale access and exclusive perks.

Community Helping Communities

10 years ago, ‘The Prophet’ (Adam) cofounded a charitable organisation in Papua New Guinea called Equal Playing Field. EPF has grown to become one of PNG’s most significant organisations working primarily in the prevention of violence against women and children. EPF has been vetted and funded by U.N agencies and governments around the world and produces yearly audited financials. Contributions from mint and secondary will fund EPF’s flailing office in Bougainville, an island still feeling the effects of civil war in the 1980’s and 90’s. Initial funded activities will be for digital libraries for remote communities that will allow communities to access much needed literacy, health, numeracy and vocational education. The Gyris community will become an unbelievable force for good in Bougainville and will be given regular updates from the EPF Team. 7.5% of mint and 10% of secondary commissions.

Gyris DAO (Gumurri) – 7.5% of sales

Finally, Gyris will gift the community the stewardship of the multiverse to which we belong. This will occur through the creation of a values-based DAO network. This revolutionary concept is like Stan Lee saying; “I want you to help govern the future of the Marvel Multiverse” to you after he wrote his first characters. This is that moment. The community will incubate ideas and seed them into the multiverse as part of a deep web of narrative. Each new project will feed back to its mother, the Gyris DAO for the grander development of the entire multiverse. Each new world will remain independent, it’s artists and new communities taking lead of its narrative.

Gyris DAO (Gumurri)

How Gyris DAO will work?

The Gyris DAO (Gumurri) is the first in a series of a values-based DAO developed in pursuit of true collaborative creativity, whilst honouring individual effort and intellectual property. Its purpose is to provide creative direction to the Multiverse. An experiment for all of us who say that greed and corporate interest stifles creativity by having financial gain as the only measure of success rather than a by-product of great art.

The DAO does not own the IP of the GYRIS story but stewardship over the Gummuri Multiverse to which it belongs. Each new ‘universe’ or ‘reality’ will have its own relationship with its relevant community, DAO and intellectual property. Members of this community can put forward proposals consisting of a creative thesis and go to market strategy, for story forks and new projects that become part of the overarching Multiverse. This could manifest itself in a new Genesis Project with a new team that support them. These forks if seeking support from the Gyris and Gyris DAO Community would agree to a 5% of the project and DAO revenue contribution to the Gummuri DAO for the purposes of furthering the aims of the multiverse as a whole.

These treasury funds can be used by Gummuri DAO for the development of games, series, art, etc using the moniker ‘Official Gummuri Content’ or under ‘Official Gyris content’ under arrangement with the IP holders (Founding team). These decisions using treasury funds will be able to utilize shared IP and engage in contracting relevant parties in their creation.

Treasury Income

Immediately post sale the founding team will manage the Treasury with community support, until the DAO is initiated (as per roadmap) where it will be handed completely over to community governance. At this stage the DAO will receive any remaining treasury funds from sale and become the recipient of 7.5% of any Gyris: The Sound of Trees Standing, NFT sale’s commission.

The DAO as an independent body may choose their own revenue generating activities including the growth of the multiverse.

Responsibilities of the DAO

Curation: Allow members to vote on and officially endorse the introduction of new linked world/realities/universes

Vetting and security: Assess the strengths of the project and project team

Treasury management: Proposals and voting of the use of treasury funds

Treasury Funds should be used for creative purposes though provisions will be in place that allow for investment instruments designed to maximizing profit, for use in creative endeavors that further the multiverse

Creation: Trigger the minting of endorsed community projects and art from within the Gyris universe

Remuneration: Increasing value of holding tokens by increasing value of the network and economic incentives from profits of projects funded by the DAO.

Engagement: Shareholders are incentivized to get involved in creative pursuits and supporting the promotion of the multiverse.

DAO Proposal for New Universe/World/Reality

Following our same model, a team of creatives decide to drop a new project, whether NFTs or not, and want to be part of the multi-verse. Perhaps some dialogue within the Gyris universe alludes to some “before place of the Rockmonsters”, and a community member conceptualises that world. By proposing their design thesis, and go-to-market strategy, the DAO can decide whether to seed this idea and accept the proposal from the founding team for support. It is up the proposing team to demonstrate why their fork belongs within the multiverse and how it is connected in some way. It must also demonstrate its commitment to the ideals of collaborative creativity and governance. Though each new project doesn’t need a DAO, a plan to display how they will integrate community into creativity is a crucial part of a Universe Proposal.

$GYRIS Token implications

The $GYRIS token total circulating supply cap is increased 9,227,465 per Universe or DAO-approved project.