Gyris MMORPG and Minigames

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The Dharwar born to Porth, by the Raging Sea The Minjierri born in Earth, under Mountain’s Feet The Bura born to Kiera, in the Mountains High And the Mara’s veins they reach beyond the Darkness of the Night.

Paving the way with AAA minigames

Building a large ambitious and innovative game takes lots of time and resources. We at Gyris have decided to develop and release Triple-A quality Minigames during the development of the bigger thing. This way, we'll be able to have content for and engage with our community during the lengthy development phase of a modern videogame. We have several minigames conceptualized and planned, all of which will give us time to work on parts and mechanics of the bigger game - MMORPG. Along with gameplay mechanics such as riding, building, combat and so on, we will be sculpting the 3D assets required for the vast Gyris universe.

What is the Gyris MMORPG?

The Gyris MMORPG is an open world built in Unreal Engine 5, leveraging new and lean game development tech while integrating with the Solana blockchain to offer true ownership of your in-game assets. Featuring a game map with size of ~2500 km², which places it on 5th place in top largest Open-world game maps today.

Our Genesis holders are our Pioneers; builders in a wild frontier. The Gyris game world will be shaped through the interaction of story and community. All Gyris holders will have the opportunity to stake claim and settle in Gyris. You'll be able to build and develop your land as well as shape and help the development of your settlement/colony. There will be region and resource control, as well as battles and campaigns. Ask your village chief how you can contribute!

The earliest game prototype will allow your avatar to move around the available parts of Gyris, choose your patch of Earth, and from the world around you craft that which you need to survive. Trees will become wood, stone into bricks and blocks. Some food will give you energy, others help you see the unseen. You will have the ability to terraform, protecting your place from a future you fear lurks on the horizon. You can choose to work together with others or simply live out life on your own. In the beginning you will be safe from death….but not forever, for even Eden fell to original sin and soon enough The Dark will come.

“The world building of Age of Empires, massive multiplayer experience of World of Warcraft, and the social dynamics of Fable”

  • Huge game map
  • 4 Genesis Main regions
  • 4 Genesis Playable races
  • 4 Genesis Companion races
  • PvE with optional PvP
  • Mounted combat
  • Competetive minigames
  • Player Housing
  • Player owned businesses
  • Politics & campaigns
  • Camping & rewarding exploration
  • Random world encounters
  • Sandbox design
  • Horizontal progression
  • Dynamic world
  • Heavy social aspect
  • Hardcore and survival elements
  • Building & Farming
  • Trading & Crafting
  • Jobs & professions
  • Tradable personal characters

Peoples, Races and Creatures of Gyris

Gyris is coloured as richly as Earth with variation and difference. The Genesis drop will reveal four Genus of Gyris, the Peoples of the Bura, the Minjierri, Dharwar and the Mara. These will be the playable characters in the Gyris MMORPG. Initially your avatars will have limited ability to interact with the world with variability across Genus and class. The speed at which you can travel between locations will be dependent on your avatar’s Genus. Whilst the Mara can move fast, they do not possess the ability to lift large things like the Bura or move considerable amounts of earth in a timely fashion like the Minjierri. The Dharwar work more proficiently with stone and the Bura with wood.

You can read more about the different creatures of Gyris in the Wiki.


Our environments are taken directly from the stories of Gyris and map periodically released.


Inspired by North Western Australia and Papua New Guinean geography we find dense forest, high mountains, deep cuts and valleys. Thunderous rivers but also endless branches of creek forks cutting lines in the mountainside. Families carve, paths into the earthen clay and form walkways from their hut to the waterways to wash and bath and fish.

The Underground

Home of the Minjierri these long winding mine shafts and cuts into Gyris’ crust will be turned into vast cities and labyrinths.

The Coast

What will become the city of Porth is the Eastern Coast of Gyris. It provided for by fertile land to the South and West and Mountains to the North that provide easy access to stone for building.

The Kingdom of Wings

The Mysterious home of the Mara. These beings live in homes made of Earth or Trees in a land that must remain hidden in reference to the other areas on the map. It lies deep within a forest.

Game Economy

In the Gyris game you'll unlock and obtain various items which you'll be able to withdraw and trade on various decentralized exchanges, if so desired. In addition, members of the community will be encouraged to create value for the game and get rewarded for it. Voicing characters, writing quests, modeling 3D objects are only a small part of what our community can help with, while also getting rewarded handsomely for their contribution.

The $GYRIS token can be used to purchase in game items assets though this is not a pay-to-win game. The $GYRIS token will also be used to negotiate deals in-game with other community members when a item or sweat trade is not preferable.

The game’s development will benefit greatly from existing and future assets designed for our on-screen work including landscape elements. Working together with the gaming and the creative teams, community artists will be engaged to display their art and depiction of Gyris in the ecosystem marketplace. If selected as ‘Official Gyris Game Assets’, the artist will take the lion’s share of the $GYRIS paid for its use in game. This serves the project and the artist. Non-artists can still contribute. Terraforming parts of Gyris will be tough and utilising the materials around you, you will be free to build your own patch in the metaverse. Any quality game is a multi-year project but it’s important to understand that the assets we are building for the on-screen elements of Gyris, will be utilised by the Gyris MMORPG and therefore budget for the game is reduced comparative to other projects that would try to deliver our level. We are here for the long haul.